Why Me?

At some point, every potential employer must ask themselves: "Why should I hire you over the next guy?"

In answer to this question, I believe I'm a unique prospect for several reasons. Although I've been developing full-stack for almost 10 years, I'd happily join any team as a junior/mid-level developer.

It may seem as though I'm selling myself short, but that's not the case at all. I think highly of my value as a developer, however I also realize that I've never worked with a group of experienced professionals who work as a team to complete real world projects.

For this reason, I'm willing to be hired on as a developer in any capacity. I like to think I make for a great cost/benefit outlook when considering this perspective.

I'd like to mention as a sidenote that, although I've never worked with a group of developers, I'm very easy to work with and I've performed well with teams in the past. Working in an education department for 10 years in a pretty tough environment, I coached small teams of clerks while creating a more efficient workflow.

My goal is to grow as a developer and as a person, but also to fullfil and exceed the needs of my employer. Doing what I love for a living is a luxury few get to experience; the prospect is exciting.