I've developed or helped develop countless projects. Here, I've put together a list of the more relevant projects I've authored over the years, in chronological order from newest to oldest.
* This portfolio was built with React, GatsbyJs, ThreeJs and hosted on Netlify.

Credit Score Maestro (GatsbyJs)

Credit Score Maestro is a website I built for an ex-banker who wrote a book about credit repair and financial management.

It was initially built with ASP.Net web forms. Then, once web forms became depracated, we decided to give the site a face-lift and redesign it with the Gatsby framework. This lead to huge improvements in SEO metrics.

I did a lot of research on SEO for this project, and utilized marketing resources such as Facebook and Google PPC campaigns. It certainly gave me an appreciation for what it takes to improve Google results and increase organic traffic.


  • Initially built with ASP.Net web forms. Redesigned with GatsbyJs.
  • Optimized for SEO purposes.
  • Responsive design with bootstrap CSS and custom CSS.

Credit Score Maestro for portfolio.

MAC (SERN Stack)

MAC is an SPA I built for a teacher (Mr. Mac) that handle some specific tasks for him such as keeping track of current class lists, and exporting these lists to an excel file for sending via email to all of the respective teachers.

You can download this app and have it running in seconds. Just click the link to my Github repo at the top of your screen!


  • Developed with SERN stack, and React-Router.
  • One-click import of current roster from pdf(s).
  • Dynamic creation of groups and classes.
  • Keeps running class list for unlimited classes.
  • Exports data to pre-styled excel spreadsheet.
  • Form generation.

MAC for portfolio.

Chuggo (MERN Stack)

Chuggo is a social media project. It's very much unfinished, and I pretty much used it as a learning platform for the MERN stack. I ended up using a CMS called KeystoneJs, which incorporates a React admin console.

Figuring out how to tie in my own React Hot-Loader build with the pre-existing Keystone build was tricky, but I learned a lot about how Webpack works in the process.


  • Developed with the MERN stack and PUG view engine.
  • Trending hashtag tracker.
  • Custom minimalistic emoji system.
  • Upvoting, commenting, and mentioning capability.

Chug for portfolio.

React-ez-emoji (Reactjs)

While building Chuggo, I realized that I'd like a more minimalistic emoji-enabled textarea than what was currently available on NPM. So I made react-ez-emoji, and published it to NPM while I was at it.

For Chuggo, I modified react-ez-emoji to be able to detect hashtags and mentions. However, the version I published to NPM is just a simple textarea with streamlined emoji capability.


  • Simplified and customizable emoji picker.
  • Emoji encoding.
  • Easy to import and tie-in to component state.

react-ez-emoji for portfolio.

veSwap (ASP.Net)

veSwap was built with ASP.Net 4 Web Forms. It is a platform where users can swap vehicles on a scheduled basis. So if you have a nice truck, but you want to take a sports car to the beach over the weekend, maybe there's someone out there with a sports car who needs a truck to help move over the weekend, and you guys can swap!

I built this site without the comforts of bootstrap or other CSS frameworks. So, although the styling may not be amazing, it's all coded by my hand.


  • Ties in to API that keeps up-to-date vehicle list.
  • Custom system that determines distance from other users.
  • Request and schedule vehicle swaps with other users.

veSwap for portfolio.

COMAS (Classic ASP)

Comprehensive Office Management Automated System. Bit of a mouthful, it was my first real web development project. Programmed with Classic ASP, it utilized a back-end engine using embedded vbScript and HTML for building the views, and SQL Server 2000 for storing and retrieving data.

Since the department already generated an alpha run in pdf format, I built a bridge using Data Transformation Services in SQL Server that imported the data from a text file (converted from pdf) into the database.


  • Import current roster from pdf.
  • Keeps running class list for over 10 classes.
  • GUI for tracking student attendance.
  • Warning system for falling below regulatory requirements.
  • Standardized report generator.

COMAS for portfolio.